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 Jax's Biography

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PostSubject: Jax's Biography   Sat Sep 13, 2014 8:09 am

JJ, only his close friends might be able to get away with this one.
4 years
Coywolf- 1/2 coyote & 1/2 wolf
Summer Coat:
Winter Coat:
He is a medium sized canine, but he is streamlined and built for speed. He has powerful legs that can deliver a nasty smack on the muzzle or launch him over obstacles. In the summer most of his fur is a reddish brown, he has a black tip on his tail, and a black and white feathered pattern on his back. What isn't red is either white or gray. His eyes are an electric blue, almost mirror image of his father. You can tell he's not purebred by the pointed tips on his ears and the narrow muzzle. In winter time his fur starts to turn a silver color and blends in with his back.


He has his father's quick temper and his mother's trust issues, this makes Jax rather hard to talk to sometimes. Though don't get him wrong, he would give his life for any of the pack members, whether he likes them or not it is his responsibility to protect the members of the pack. If you manage to make him your friend he is fiercely loyal and protective, making him rather annoying at times. Just remember that whatever he does he only does it for the benefit of the pack. There is another side of Jax that other's don't usually see. If he truly hates you he can get a bit odd. He smarts off a lot and will usually try to be extremely nice to you. Though he will flash whomever may be his enemy dirty looks behind their backs or throw in a snarl and sarcastic comment to them here and there.

Jax was born in a smug little den on the side of a mountain, perfect for raising a pup on your own. There was a small spring inside the den to provide fresh water, and plenty of prey scrambling in the woodland outside of the den. Jax's father had left his mother shortly after his birth, saying something about protecting a pack. His mother had told him that his father would come back to see them, but he never did. Most of his packmates had been killed in a short time after, though his mother sheltered him from the violence and the others.. they wouldn't have liked the halfbreed. He started noticing fewer coyotes coming back into camp. One night as he turned six moons his mother took him into the woods and abandoned him beside an old elm tree, she never said a word before she ran off in the direction of the camp. Jax knew that his mother had done this for a reason, so he hobbled away, whimpering every now and then. He roamed over lands of green and white, and as he grew older he grew smarter. He turned into a hunter ad well as a scavenger, and learned how to fight and talk his way out of any situation.

.:How did you find us?:.
I helped make it.
.:Secret Password found in rules:.
I made the password
.:How do you rate our site? And what would you like to see:.
I don't need to answer this
(I typed this on a phone, don't judge)
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Jax's Biography
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