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 Plasma's biography

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PostSubject: Plasma's biography   Fri Sep 12, 2014 8:32 pm

Name ;; Plasma

Nickname ;; Plas

Age ;; 2 years

Gender ;; Male

Breed ;; 80 percent Eurasian wolf and 20 percent Timber wolf
Appearance ;; Plasma is a fairly average sized wolf, maybe a bit larger then normal due to his Eurasian wolf blood. He has long, agile legs and a well muscled body, making wolves think twice before picking a fight with him. His fur is short yet thick, made for colder weather, and is mainly white, like his father and uncle, with a bit of rusty red mixed it, giving it a reddish hue. His eyes are bicolored, with one being a dark green and the other being a light, soft brown.

Personality ;; Plasma is naturally snappish and has somewhat of a temper, something he inherited from the many generations of wolves before him, though it is not extremely terrible, and can be controlled a lot of the time. Plasma is dominant, a natural born leader, and doesn’t take well to others bossing him around. He is fierce and loyal to his pack, ready to die from them. Despite his ancestors and the dark curse that is said to run in his blood, he tries to be good and kind-hearted, but at moments he can lose himself and gain a darker nature, cruel and balacning on the edge of insanity.

History ;; Plasma was born in a litter of two, him and his sister, Gem, to parents Crystal and Icethorn in the pack Silver Moon. They were the Beta’s of the pack at the time, with Blizzard the Alpha. His mate, Tundra, had died a while before Plasma was born. He, when he was able to see and listen, was told of the deadly curse he had supposedly running through his veins, given to him unintentionally by his father, Icethorn. He always had to be watched, to be monitored, but other then that he had a happy, normal pup hood. He was born just months after the pack relocated back from where they came, being able to fight off the coyotes that had taken over it. Plasma loved to listen to the Elders tell stories of adventures that happened before he was alive. The tale of the great battle with the coyotes, the death of Apocalypse, who he found was actually his Grandmother, and many other interesting tales. The one that mainly told the tales was long time trusted Beta Crow, who retired from the rank when he began losing his vision. When Plasma was a year old he began training to be a Warrior, just like his father was. His mentor was an old warrior named Axel, a huge, fierce warrior who had trained Plasma's father when he was around his age. His mother taught him and his sister's the basic's of healing, making sure that if one of them got hurt they would know how to fix it better, which would give them a better chance at survival. He became a warrior at 1 year and 10 months old, a bit early to become an apprentice, but he had worked hard and earned it. Sickness spread through the camp suddenly, killing off the old, which included his parents, mentor, and most of the elders. Surprisingly enough the Alpha Blizzard stayed alive the longest, lasting till Plasma was nearly 2 years old before dying. The members of the pack were in an absolute panic and grief. For so long they had been led by Blizzard, now they didn't have a leader at all. The Beta's had died. The pack soon voted that Plasma be the Alpha, due to the Alpha blood running through his veins.

Family ;; Apocalypse [Grandmother, Dead] Viper [Grandfather, Dead] Crystal [Mother, Dead] Icethorn [Father, Dead] Blizzard [Uncle, Dead] Gem [Sister, Alive]

Friends ;; N/A

Mate ;; N/A

Pups ;; N/A

Notes ;; I asked if I could use the mentioned character's owners if I could use there characters for my history.
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Plasma's biography
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