Silver Moon Pack is a fun, friendly wolf roleplay that has been around for a while.
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 History of Silver Moon

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PostSubject: History of Silver Moon   Thu Sep 11, 2014 1:06 am

The pack of Silvermoon was founded by a wolf named Apocalypse, she was strong and confident. She met a male named Blizzard who was instable in the mind, but he was courageous and cunning. Another male came along by the name of Shadow, a ruthless killer, yet he was loyal and would do anything to protect the pack. Together these three built a pack, they saw wolves come and go, and a prophecy was forecamp "When darkness comes, the moon will crumble."

Coyotes attacked the pack, angry with them for taking their land, many died. A stranger named Diamond had joined the pack, no one trusted the she-wolf, for a great evil consumed her soul. At this time Apocalypse lay at rest in the spirit realm, killed by Blizzard in a freak training accident. He was alpha now, and didn't agree with Shadow's suggestion on what to do with Diamond. "We must kill her.." he had said to the male, "she's no good and a waste of space.' Their argument turned into a fight. Shadow's muzzle had turned gray with age, it was no surprise he had lost, but Blizzard had lost control and killed the Lead. Blizzard soon found that he should have listened to his friend.

Diamond escaped the camp and found the pack of coyotes. Together they gathered all the rouges they could and pushed the pack from their territory. After this the pack slowly fell apart. Now, with the spirits of their ancestors watching over them, a new generation rises to take their place. Plasma, the offspring of Crystal, one of the most successful healers in the pack's history, along with Jax, Shadow's only son, have continued the pack.
(Feel free to add or change Plas, I just got bored)
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History of Silver Moon
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