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 Ranks of the Pack

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PostSubject: Ranks of the Pack   Wed Sep 10, 2014 11:02 pm

Here are the ranks of the pack. Lead ranks can not be requested.

Alpha - The Alpha is the leader of the pack, the one that calls the shots. Usually there are two Alpha's, mates, but two wolves do not need to be mates to be Alphas.

Alphas: Plasma

Betas - The Betas are second in command, the ones that makes sure everybody is following the Alpha's orders. The take over when the Alpha leaves or steps down from their rank.


Lead Healer - The Lead Healer makes sure that the herb supplies are fully stocked and that all the other healers are doing their job. The Lead Healer also consults with the Alpha on important decisions.

Lead Healer:

Lead Warrior - The Lead Warrior is the one to lead the other warriors into battle. They come up with battle strategies, train new warriors, and make sure no warriors is stepping out of line.

Lead Warrior:

Lead Seeker - The Lead Seeker organizes and leads the Seekers on raids and other missions of different sorts. They train the Seekers different skills necessary to be a Seeker.

Lead Seeker:

Lead Scout - The Lead Scout organizes and leads scouts on boarder and territory patrols, making sure nothing invades the pack's territory. The Lead Scout also  leads scouts on patrols to find new lands and hunting grounds for the pack.

Lead Scout:

Lead Hunter - The Lead Hunter organizes and sometimes leads hunting patrols. The Lead Hunter trains new hunters the skills needed to be good, or at the very least successful, at hunting.

Lead Hunter:

These ranks you can choose when making your bio.

Healer - The healers heal the injured or sick with their vast knowledge of herbs and other healing methods.

Warrior - The warriors are the defenders of the pack. Whenever something threatens the pack, or another pack threatens Silver Moon with battle, the warriors will be there, ready to fight with there knowledge on battle.

Seeker - Seekers are like the spies of the pack, they seek out information, hence the name. They often go on "raids" in other packs.

Scout - Scouts patrol the pack's boarders and territory, making sure no intruders have slipped past the boarder. They often accept wolves that wait at the boarder. At dire times, scouts will even search for new hunting grounds and territory.

Hunter - Hunters make sure the pack is well fed and stocked up on food.

Pup - Pups are any wolf below two years of age. A pup becomes an "apprentice", a pup in training to become a full rank, like a warrior or hunter, at a year of age.
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Ranks of the Pack
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