Silver Moon Pack is a fun, friendly wolf roleplay that has been around for a while.
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 Rules of the Moon

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PostSubject: Rules of the Moon   Wed Sep 10, 2014 11:00 pm


Please Don't-
Bully or harass other members.
Bring drama to the site.
Ignore an Admin's warnings.
Double post.
Cuss in every sentence.

Please Do-
Respect the admins and moderators. We do our best and if you think that you can do better, you must prove it.
Make your username your main character's name.
Only use ONE account. If you have more than one character than put their names in your signature and say who it is at the top of your post.
Control your cussing, every once and a while is fine, as long as it's not directed at another member.
Note that fighting in character is okay here, along with blood, guts, and dying. Broken bones and any other major injuries that may effect the receiver for the rest of their life must be agreed upon. Ask whether or not these injuries are okay. If the receiver does not want them, then the receiver shall not receive them!

Each post must contain at least 50 words.
No Godmodding or Powerplaying.
While mating or giving birth to pups your wolf may simply "black out"
Human slurs should be kept to a minimum in the rp.
Your wolf cannot dodge more than two attacks in a row. It makes it simply unfair and slightly boring.
Not all hunts are successful.
If your wolf is large, chances are he/she is not going to match a hare in it's speed.
If you wolf is small, chances are that they aren't going to try and overtake a large opponent with strength, but with speed and accuracy instead.
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Rules of the Moon
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