Silver Moon Pack is a fun, friendly wolf roleplay that has been around for a while.
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 Silver Moon Shop

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PostSubject: Silver Moon Shop   Thu Sep 18, 2014 11:13 pm

Welcome to Silver Moon's shop where you can spend your hard earned Moon Shards (MS for short) on little things you can get for your character!

~Mutations and Missing limbs~
Odd fur color (Such as blue, green, or any color that doesn't naturally occur on animals)- 10 MS
Odd eye color (Do you want purple eyes for your character? No problem. Or even eyes without pupils? It can be done.)- 6MS
Missing a leg- 20 MS per limb
Blind or missing an eye- You can make your character like this, but if you'd like to change it you must pay a fee- 10 MS per eye


Collar (Comes in white)- 5 MS
Necklace (With any charm you'd like. Just put a picture of the charm in your form)- 6MS
Add color (Add a color to your collar with an extra fee)- 3 MS
Bracelet (Includes wraps and anything else that can go around the leg)- 5MS
Ear piercing (A ring or stud of your choice in any color you want)- 3MS per piecing
Hoodies and other clothing items- All pieces of human clothing cost 10 MS

2nd character- Free after 2 months or 100 MS
3rd character- Free after 3 months of activity or 400 MS
4th Character- Free after 6 months of activity or 700 MS
5 Character- free after a year of activity or with permission of an admin
(All staff are allowed 2-3 characters free of charge after at least a month in the position)

Reincarnation (Have a character you killed off a while ago and want to bring back? Now you can, but as a pup)- 400 MS

-Animals of a species other than canine that you can get to travel around and help your character-
Small buddy (Must be smaller than your character)- 50 MS
Large Buddy (Can be larger than your character)- 75 MS
2nd buddy of any size- Must have permission from admin

Anything else you can think of? PM one of the Admins and we'll either add it to the store or negotiate a price with you!
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Silver Moon Shop
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